The city of Birmingham will begin the $7 million construction project on Old Woodward on March 26. The project’s scope includes replacing sewers, water mains, roadways, traffic lights, and design elements such as planters, trees, and benches. The construction is centered on intersection of Maple Road and Old Woodward, the heart of the city. This is a massive project and major inconvenience for residents, visitors, and business owners, but is of the upmost importance. Some of the sewer lines being replaced were installed in the 1800s. The time is now and the project must move forward.

It is no secret that the construction is more than just an inconvenience to residents, visitors, and business owners, but the city is pulling out all the stops to support downtown businesses and help with accessibility. The city will assist with marketing for merchants, providing coupons for rebates at downtown shops, maintain accessible sidewalks, hosting an art contest to beautify the construction barriers, and notably provide two free hours of valet parking at four locations throughout the city.

The project is expected to be completed by late July. I am sure there will be frustrations, but the city is definitely well prepared to help keep business as usual. There is no need to avoid the city during this construction. Take advantage of the shopping coupons, and free valet!

(photo: City of Birmingham)